Recovery Next Exit

Location of Lambda Miami-Dade

The address for our LGBTQ (and Straight-friendly) recovery home is:

28 NE 54th St.

Miami, FL 33137

We welcome you to our location and encourage you to tell your friends that we are open and serving the LGBTQ recovery community in Miami-Dade County. 

If you wish to support the clubhouse financially, you may make a donation via Paypal. Please see our Support Page for the link to Paypal.  No amount is too small (or large).

Thanks to all who work so hard to make our home a reality by attending meetings, and supporting the clubhouse financially.

Now that we are in our facility, we welcome new 12-step groups who wish to start meetings during open hours. Please contact the Board of Directors or attend one of our Board meetings (1st Saturday of the month at 11:15 am). You may also contact one of the Board Members: Michael R. (President), Robert A., (Vice President), Ken W.,  (Treasurer), Eric D., (Secretary).

You can support Lambda Miami-Dade in many ways.

  • Attend meetings in our new clubhouse.
  • Drop some extra money in the basket.
  • Purchase your treats from the coffee bar.
  • Support and attend our fundraisers.

Every bit of help, no matter how much, from whom, or in what manner, helps to build and maintain the Fellowship.

You can also make a direct financial contribution by clicking on this link.

Thanks very much.

Meeting Schedule By Group

Rise and Shine (AA) - 7:29 am Monday through Friday

Spiritual Awakening (AA)  - 10am every Sunday

Rush Hour Group (AA)  - 10am  Saturday, 7pm Sunday

Study Hall Group (formerly Back to Basics) (AA)  - 8:30pm Thursday

All Together Group (AA) - 8:30pm every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Last Saturday is Birthday Night) 

CMA Group (CMA) - 7pm every Tuesday,  Friday and Saturday

Never Alone (NA) - 2pm Saturday